Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson said he agreed completely with the jury and called Weller’s actions callous and showing “an enormous indifference to human life.”Weller was 86 when his 1992 Buick Le Sabre plowed at freeway speed into the crowded farmers market on July 16, 2003.http://xn--parajumperjakkemnd-3ub.nu/ In addition to the 10 killed, more than 70 people were injured.

Defense attorneys argued that Weller was a victim of “pedal error” in which he panicked and mistook the car’s accelerator for the brake. Prosecutors said he was careless to the point of criminal negligence. xn--parajumperjakkemnd-3ub The judge noted that Weller had enough control of his vehicle to avoid cars parajumpers long bear light and trucks within the farmers market.



“Mr. Weller parajumpers light bear chose to steer into the people, plowing into the crowd and literally launching bodies into the air as his car sped 2 blocks,” the judge said. The judge also parajumpers bee called Weller’s apologies hollow.The district attorney’s office did not make a sentencing recommendation but cited a probation officer’s recommendation that Weller spend at least a short time in prison.